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Being a victim of a property crime is upsetting and costly. The last thing you want to do is spend valuable time waiting for the police to respond to take your report. Typically, it takes close to half an hour to call the police and have an officer respond to obtain the necessary information. The officer must then enter that information into a report. If you require a copy of that report for insurance purposes, you have to wait a few days for the report to go through the review process and then you must request a copy of that report, adding to your burden of being victimized.
In an effort to respect your time, make positive use of technology and increase efficiency, the Colerain Police Department will be launching a new online reporting system. Starting this July, You will have the ability to file reports of certain crimes at your convenience. The system also allows you to obtain a copy of your report electronically, furthering the benefit to our residents.
By visiting the Colerain Police Department’s website (, you may file reports on certain crimes, request vacation checks, report nuisances, provide crime tips and complete many other tasks that currently require a call to the police.
When your report is complete and submitted, it is sent directly to a patrol supervisor for review. Once all of the required information is obtained, the supervisor will approve the report and you will automatically receive an email notifying you that your report is ready to download, usually within a few hours of submitting the report. Your report is automatically entered into our records management system and is reviewed, as is every report, by the Colerain Police Department Investigative Sergeant and assigned for follow-up.
Providing our citizens the ability to file their report online and receive a copy will allow our patrol officers the ability to stay in service and be available to respond quicker to crimes in progress. The goal is to also lessen the workload on our civilian staff. Almost 40% of our civilian staff’s time is spent retrieving and copying reports for citizens, attorneys and insurance companies. Lessening this burden will allow the civilian staff to assume other clerical duties that our police officers are currently tasked with and that take away from their ability to engage in proven, crime-reducing tactics such as proactive and problem-oriented policing.
In the coming weeks, the Colerain Police Department will begin a public awareness campaign to encourage use of the system. Each report that is filed electronically results in a savings to the Township of $43.00. The return on the initial investment is realized with less than one report a day. This is accomplished with no additional charge to the victim.
While our citizens will have this efficient option for filing reports, we will still gladly respond and take your report if you wish. The goal is not to reduce service, but to be financially responsible and respectful of our citizens’ time. We will continue to look for innovative ways to deliver quality service while respecting your tax dollar.